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Pilates is renowned all over the world as a global system for resistance training using a combination of body weight and apparatus techniques. These techniques lengthen and strengthen the body without creating bulk in the muscles. The 'powerhouse' muscles such as the lower back, transverse abdominals, hips, gluts and the extremities, shoulders, arms and legs are condition to create length and strength through them to improve our posture, flexibility, co-ordination and stamina. 

Pilates is a great way of exercising at any stage of injury, as you can begin with simply by learning how to ‘switch on’ your deep core, along with specific muscles that need to begin working again.  Exercises can be tailored specifically for you, to help reach your goals. 

Benefits of Pilates 

There are many benefits to incorporating pilates into your fitness, health and wellness regime. Below are a just a few;

  • Improve Body Conditioning & Shaping on a deeper level
  • Refines and strengthens the intrinsic/ finer muscles 
  • Better posture and ease of movement 
  • Being able to isolate and control muscle activation
  • Corrective training for Prevention of injury
  • Non invasive to joints (no aggressive weight bearing) 
  • Increase Recovery rate from injuries
  • Better retention of Muscle memory

Our instructor Georgie is trained & certified through PilatesITC Sydney an International certification body. (Available for classes and 1:1 very soon).

Health Fund Rebates available - member of theAustralia Pilates Method Association (APMA) and offers Health Fund Rebates to most Health Funds. View list of Health Funds.


 Personal Training 1:1

   1:1 Personal Training - conditioning the body through focused 1:1 physical therapy that is tailored and individually designed for each person.

Clinical Pilates

The perfect way to focus on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. A fully integrated workout for the entire body.

Sports Massage Therapy

Individually tailored massage helps eliminate back pain,headaches or mobility, postural problems, prevent injuries to maintain body condition and strength. 

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